Nov 27, 2011

Happy hour

bandaid buddies.

so. since 8am on thanksgiving i've been running on about 4 hours of sleep. 4 thanksgiving parties, 6 hours of black friday shopping and work for 7 hours. i was so delusional at work. 5pm came along and my co-worker asked if i wanted to go to happy hour. i said sure! why not. i just wanted a salad. we ended up at nicky rottens, this bar/restaurant burger joint half off appetizers and $3 beers. so one blue moon turned into 4 (come on $3, we had to take advantage), decided to go to mcfaddens and had 2 beers over there, stopped by to get a slice of pizza at ciro's, went to whiskey girl and had 2 more beers while my co-worker had 2 irish car bombs, pretended i was lesbian, broke up two guys who were about to fight, got into voyeur to see some dude who's super popular for free, then ended up at double deuce rode the bull. 

all in work clothes.

oh but that's not it. i had work at 6am the next day this time! i woke up a few minutes late but busted my ass to get there. there was something in my eye and it hurt like hell. my eye kept watering but there wasn't anything in there. i'm back in my work clothes FROM LAST NIGHT and looked like hell, it was horrible. the pain in my eye was so bad, i was crying. i left work after 3 hours and went to urgent care. don't know why, but ended up vomiting twice. finally after 2 hours a doctor came to see me. he was super cool. his name was hans :) we were talking and he asked "is redness on your face normal?" i said "oh my skin is really dry right now" he said "well, take a look" looked in the mirror and freaked the fuck out. it was splotchy red spots all over my face! i cried. he said it's ok and he said hydrocortisone cream would work. he looked at my eye and said it's a minor case of conjunctivitis (pink eye, but not) so i must've touched something and rubbed my eye. HORRIBLE. so, i told him "sorry i didn't mean to freak out i have a little bit of anxiety" he said "oh.. well i could give you something for that too.." 

so. hans comes back, tells me to pick up artificial tears, hydrocortisone cream and prescribes me ANTI-ANXIETY PILLS. i find that a little hilarious, but i guess i do need to relax sometimes. i've been on the go since thanksgiving. so i finally got home and relaxed. my friend wanted to go out and i was really close to doing but i didn't. i needed some sleep! 

what a weekend. have a happy sunday!!!!!!!!

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