Nov 27, 2011

black friday

animals at macy's. really dude? smh

after my fam, susan, and the twins house i went to my last stop. my bff danielle. i told her we're going black friday shopping she she's never gone before so it was exciting. i left her house around 9 to get some sleep since i worked the next day at 10am. yes, i thugged it out. anyways, we got to the mall around 2:30. she bought some boots at macy's and we were waiting for h&m to open at 5am. 

see my bloody hand. yes. i have more cuts on my hand. so here's that story. sephora opened at 4am. there wasn't a line so we were pretty much the first ones at the door. it's 3:30am. her cousin and i decided to get coffee. we come back around 3:50 and the line is crazy long. danielle and i downed our coffee and we threw our cups away since it looked like it was about to get crazy. what was the big deal? sephora they had this "10 for $10" sale on these bare mineral kits and etc. 

the doors opened and i thought everyone was civilized (like the mature women behind me) BUT NO. everyone pushed and shoved to get to that stupid table. i was being pushed so much i ended up on that fucking table. i was pretty much swimming in the products, grabbing shit and telling people to "back the fuck up" pardon my french, but when you are being mauled by a bunch of women for makeup and you end up on the fucking table, you are going to throw some profanity out there. 

i had an armful of products and walked out of that frenzy looking like "wtf happened". danielle started laughing and said "give me your stuff... you're shaking" we started dying of laughter. because! it was pretty hilarious. who ends up on a fucking table. she said "wow you just made my first black friday experience great!" that was awesome.

hope you guys got some great black friday steals! i couldn't find anything and work at 10am was in the back of my mind so i couldn't concentrate haha

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