Aug 9, 2014

I'm bad at this blogging thing.

I told myself I would be blogging frequently but having only two more months of work and cramming in some "me" time before baby comes has definitely been a priority! 

Gold Burro we had at our baby shower
(directions on how to make one yourself here! so simple.)

Z's chic ass sandals. Can't wait for her to wear these!

I will be blogging again this week. Stay tuned.

Jul 15, 2014

Currently Obsessing

ASOS Pensive Pointed High Heels

These are definitely... DEFINITELY on my must have list. Such a sexy cut. I can't get enough. 

Jul 14, 2014

Baby Registry

I was so excited to start our baby registry! Then when it was time for me to add to the list... I felt completely clueless. Of course I googled "baby registry must haves", asked my friends what I need and was bombarded with list after list after list. Here's what our major must haves are at the moment:

 4 Moms  Breeze Play Yard

Pack n play. There were so many. It was a pack n play overload (just like any other baby item) This is literally a breeze to put together and to take apart. EASY PEASY. Removable bassinet, changing station, play yard all in one. Love it.

 Britax B-Agile Travel System

I have heard and read tons of reviews of the Bob, UppaBaby, Graco, Chicco, etc, etc. We checked the Britax and we loved it. We want easy and convenient. The Britax is lightweight and has a one hand fold design. Perfect to move from stroller to car, car to stroller with just a click.

4 Moms mamaRoo Plush Infant Seat

This is awesome. I immediately fell in love with the chic design of 4 moms. Plus, this mamaRoo is so COOL! 5 different motions to put baby to sleep, reclines, built-in nature sounds and it connects to your iPhone/iPod. Worth the price? To me, yes. Will baby grow out of it? Yes. Do I care? no.

For you mama's out there, what are your must have items? Please believe I am on the Aden & Anais game. Any tips and advice would be extremely helpful :)

Jun 23, 2014

Dec 15, 2011

I miss!!!

went to sf this past weekend to get away and visit my best friend. i always fly virgin and i was s t a r v i n g on the plane. i felt so bad opening a can of lemon pepper tuna that i got in this protein box... i had the middle seat too lol. 

louis and i on bart

ugh. beautiful

my boo pie

cause lord knows i needed it after this weekend

waiting for my mom to pick my ass up from the airport

OK. after an evening of debauchery in castro... we went to jbo's to get some food... i was in the back seat and took care of ordering and whatever. then i'm paying and this girl, with her pants unzipped halfway down comes up to the window to order!!! we're all like WHAT IN THE WORLD HOMEGIRL!!!! she was persistent but it's all good, she got her tacos. 

Dec 6, 2011

Rebecca minkoff @ eBay

placed my order about a month ago and received it today. it's pretty badass

Dec 5, 2011

Ting ting


who knew an evening of being half sober would lead to seeing friends you haven't seen for 5 years and meeting jo koy? awesome.

yes i'm wearing nars douceur.