Dec 15, 2011

I miss!!!

went to sf this past weekend to get away and visit my best friend. i always fly virgin and i was s t a r v i n g on the plane. i felt so bad opening a can of lemon pepper tuna that i got in this protein box... i had the middle seat too lol. 

louis and i on bart

ugh. beautiful

my boo pie

cause lord knows i needed it after this weekend

waiting for my mom to pick my ass up from the airport

OK. after an evening of debauchery in castro... we went to jbo's to get some food... i was in the back seat and took care of ordering and whatever. then i'm paying and this girl, with her pants unzipped halfway down comes up to the window to order!!! we're all like WHAT IN THE WORLD HOMEGIRL!!!! she was persistent but it's all good, she got her tacos. 

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