Sep 5, 2011

gimma sa moa

happy labor day!

i spent my afternoon in the kitchen for 3 hours making these babies. i've been eyeing this recipe for a while and something sparked my interest on this particular day to bake bootleg girl scout cookies. honestly, i'm probably going to eat one out of the whole batch. i love sweets but i can't just have these laying around the house. i already know... i'll be bored in the kitchen looking for something to eat and BOOM there goes all my hard work from spin class.

i will be bringing these in to work tomorrow. my co-workers who religiously eat chobani, thinkthin protein bars, unsweetened iced green teas and barely any carbs will love me. swoon!

i made a few modifications to the recipe... i eyeballed a lot of things. 

recipe adapted from: cinnamon+chai, once upon a plate

i used werther's chewy caramels. 2 bags ended up being 11oz instead of 12oz. i wanted a rich caramel flavor while on a budget and didn't want the brachs or store brand square caramels. i also used a baker's butter (forgot the brand) instead of land o lakes, i can't believe it's not butter, etc etc

cookie dough! 

i used a boba straw i randomly had in my kitchen drawers to put holes in the center

while i was waiting for the cookies, i unwrapped all the caramels

those are some big ass cheerios! (btw i had two trays)

shredded sweetened coconut. i put most of this back into the bag. it was plenty for the amount of caramel i had. 

while I was waiting for my coconut to toast, i ate some boneless bbq chicken. haha... i had to share.

took me about 25 minutes to toast the coconut 

melted the caramel in the microwave. yes i used a rice spatula 

so excited at this point since i was getting close to assembling

yes i do realize i totally forgot to cover the bottom in chocolate before topping it off with the caramel and coconut. so i obviously dipped after. don't make the same mistake! i think i was getting too excited...

i didn't want it to be super sweet so i mixed bittersweet and semi-sweet

used the handy dandy microwave to melt ze chocolat

poking a hole in the middle was completely unnecessary.

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  1. I love your Samoa tutorial (and the BBQ chicken...yum!!) :D Very nicely done Isabelle. They ARE time consuming to make, aren't they? The good thing is that they are so rich, sweet and gooey that a few go a long way.

    Thank you for letting me know you made them, they look great!!