Sep 4, 2011

I went to Hodad's

I'm on the hunt for the best bleu cheese and caramelized onion (in some cases grilled onion) burger. I went to Hodad's for my first time on Sunday. It's pretty popular... Guy Fieri has been there on triple d and if you don't know what triple d is then I don't know whatsa matta with you. Hodad's was featured on diners, drive-ins and dives and Guy had the 'Guido' burger. While on the hunt for the perf bleu cheese and oniony goodness, I ordered the 'Blue Jay' burger.

To my surprise, it came with BACON! So far this is #2 on my list. I just decided to start my list today. So that's what I'm going to order every time I go to a burger joint... unless something else captures my interest. Which will probably happen.

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