Nov 28, 2011

ultra repair cream

so the weather has changed and so has my skin. i don't know what it is but my skin gets extremely parched. when this occurs, i use first aid beauty's ultra repair cream. this is the shit and it saved my skin. i get super high maintenance with my skin and about a year and a half ago my skin went all crazy. it was dry, redness always occured, makeup looked blotchy and it just sucked. i think cause i used a lot of different products and my skin was probably like "whoa whoa whoa wtf!" anyways, i used this and it calmed me down. i used cetaphil (i still do!) as a cleanser and this to moisturize when my skin is pms-ing and very minimal makeup when my skin is in recovery mode. anyways... decided to blog about this since i'm currently using this. it's $28 bucks and the jar lasts forevs. oh and it doesn't have parabens, harsh chemicals or colorants! cha! winning.

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