Nov 27, 2011


had a beautiful thanksgiving lunch at my aunt's house. the morning of, i made apple dumplings. i never bring something i never made before unless i've tried it beforehand lol. everybody loved it!!!!! loved it so much they want the recipe! i'm so happy :) that's when you know.. i'm a boss when it comes to baking lol jk. it's funny because i decided to make it while i was running at the gym. yes, i went to the gym on thanksgiving morning. i was pressed for time making those dumplings but i love feeling rushed. it's a fun feeling. 

i had 4 thanksgiving get-togethers to go to. after my aunts i went to have a very middle eastern thanksgiving with my dear friend susan. it was awesome, i love middle eastern food!

hope you all had a great thanksgiving :)

everyday i'm thankful for everything.

got the apple dumpling recipe from chrissy teigen's fab blog: who got it from the pioneer woman:

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