Nov 1, 2011


I dressed up as Waldo.. but apparently I looked like hipster Waldo. I wore my Vince Camuto 'Bilco' boots with this outfit and it was my first time wearing them! I love so much! I will do a special post dedicated to the bilco's cause they are just freaking awesome. Anyways, this halloween was a goodie. I just took my little cousins out around the neighborhood, ate pizza hut and sprinkles (so fat). It's funny.. my first time being "legal" to get all cray over halloween weekend but being the homebody I am, I stayed in. It's all. good :)


  1. I was Waldo a couple of years ago. Your costume looks way better! Mine was a DIY complete with white duct tape stripes on a red t-neck haha. GHETTOFAB :P

  2. I'd love to see a pic of u wearing your Bilco Boots. What color do u have? Brandy or Coal?

  3. i will do a post of me wearing the bilcos soon! i have them in brandy :)