Nov 20, 2011

Craft + Commerce

after breaking dawn, i had lunch at craft + commerce in little italy. the mini corn dogs have bacon inside and it was just heavenly. it wasn't just a hot dog, i think it was bratwurst. i don't like hot dogs but for some reason i had a feeling it wasn't gonna be your regular hot dog inside this corn dog. my salad had a citrus dressing with avocado, fried bleu cheese, almonds and season grilled chicken. drool.

i don't like mixed drinks. reminds me of my fake id days and i'm more of a beer/cognac girl. but it was a special day. it was my birthday. i was talking to the bartender about "fruity cocktails" and how it's not really my forte yada yada yada.. he replied, "i have the perfect drink for you" 

lo and behold, the "army/navy". i forgot what he put in this but WOW. nothing has ever made me feel all WOOOOOOOOOOO in a short amount of time. this kept me on a goodie for a few hours. damn that was a drink. f long islands, amf's and every other drink. this is the shit. gonna find out what was in it and i must share with you guys so you can make it at home. 

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