Nov 15, 2011

I bought some fun stuff

joe's faux leather paneled jeggings from nordstrom rack

from what to $19.97!!!! that's a find!

faux suede and fur vest

awesome! tres chic!

nordies in bp. it's cute and cas

i went on a big shopping spree this past weekend. i also bought a white oversized top from nordies (on sale for $12!), a chic white blazer from f21, a tweed blazer from foreign exchange and some fun stuff for my face. i love it! will share later.


  1. Nordstrom, Nordstom Rack -both absolute faves. You definitely scored this weekend chica. Can't wait to see the pics.

  2. You got some really cute stuff! I can't believe I still haven't gone...I always mean to and then get side tracked. The closest one to me is by a wholefoods...dangerous combo.